Spring Calculation

To calculate torsion springs for overhead doors (all types of configurations) all you have to do is enter the height, width, and weight of the door in question, as demonstrated in the screenshot below:


Once the necessary information is entered, just click the calculate button and the program will display the results,


If the TSC selections are not to your liking, you may enter the desired spring I.D. & wire diameter the software will do the rest!

Spring Conversion

This is the part of the TSC program which deals with converting an existing torsion spring to a new and / or different one.


The TSC program allows for complete flexibility for all the conditions that you may encounter. You may try to design the new spring by changing the inside diameter or the wire diameter, or even both of them at the same time. You may also convert square wire springs to a round wire. This is very advantageous when you wish to replace an existing door spring(s) with a new one, which is available in your inventory.

All you have to do is enter the quantity, wire type and the dimensions of the existing spring(s) followed by the quantity, wire type and the dimensions (except the length) of the springs you wish to replace with.

Special Features

  • User definable wire & inside diameters.
  • Automatic selection of proper drums.
  • Support of Apco & Canimax drums.
  • Square wire and round wire support.
  • Inclined standard or hi-lift tracks.
  • Cable length calculations.
  • Full information of springs calculated.
  • Detailed report printing.
  • Imperial or Metric system support.
  • Regular or booster (duplex) spring calculations.
  • English or French language support.
  • User manual included.
  • Spring conversion of any type.
  • Door weight estimation for existing spring