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Monthly Archives: February 2016

Released 29-02-2016
  1. The Layaway deposits were calculating GST & PST even if they were not included in the original bill. This has been Corrected
  2. We have modified the Employee performance & Sales Analysis reports. If the user does not have the rights to see the Cost (rights assigned in user profile – General Routines tab) the Cost, Profit & Margin columns will be hidden.


  1. We have added Size & Color to Item Purchases.


  1. When sorting the catalog by specific items it was giving empty pages. This has been Corrected.
Released 10-02-2016
  1. There was a problem user access on the daily totals screen entering the daily tenders. This has been Corrected
  2. We have added new formatting for label printing. Example: if your format starts with “s” and contains “%s” then the “%s” will be replaced with the field Value, if its a description field then the contents of the description field fill show on the label.
  3. We added a new Export data files on the utility menu. User can now export all the SPOS data files in Multiple formats.
  4. We have added import filters for the “Specific Item Catalog” report
  5. We added percentages for the employee performances & Sales Analysis Reports
Released 10-02-2016
  1. When doing an export from the Item file the Color and Size code fields are now included .
  2. We have made a small change to the Receipt print out, now when a Credit note is used to either pay for something or is given as a form of change the Credit Note Number is printed on the Receipt.
  3. We have added a Credit Note printout for Thermal printouts
Released 09-02-2016
  1. Sometime when adding a new item from the purchase entry screen you would get a “Table not open” error message. This has been Corrected