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Monthly Archives: August 2014


Spos  – Fixes

When doing a return the Cost of item in the quantity record wasn’t being updated properly. This has been Corrected
Spos – Manager
The transfer out transactions report was not working properly. This has been Corrected

Spos  – Fixes

When doing Repair deletion it was only deleting the completed repairs, but not the cancelled ones. This has been Corrected
The Repair deletion will also delete all repairs that have had no activity.
The was a problem printing the Top & Bottom Messages on the Receipt with more then 128 characters in one line, This has been Corrected
There were some minor corrections on the refund procedure done.
We have added Date Sent & Confirmed fields to the Transfer out list screen
We have added Date Imported & Confirmed fields to the Transfer in list screen

Spos Manager – New Feature

A sort feature is added for purchase orders!!
An additional cost field has been added for purchase and shipment screens.