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Monthly Archives: June 2014

SBS Changelog is coming soon it will keep you up to date with

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  • Updates
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  • Etc

Check back often to have the latest news!


Spos – Fixes

When a transfer out receipt is scanned at the destination store it will now show the transfer in information.
When you had multiple screens open, on posting each transaction the system would get the usernames assigned to transaction mixed up. This has now been Corrected

Spos – Fixes

When you double click on a picture in SPOS it wasn’t showing Full screen
This has been Corrected.
In certain places Ex: (Appraisal Certificate) the company name was incorrectly shown as Sarotech Inc, This has now been Corrected

Spos – Manager

A Bug in the purchase and shipment module has been Corrected 
The shipment  prices are also settable by location price codes

Spos – Fixes

In the Label Design section, the 15th autofit field was not working.
This has been Corrected.
When doing Transfers IN & OUT it displays the store number.!
In the Item Files tools menu the Revise Item File selection has a update Item description option that was not working properly.         This has been Corrected

Spos – Remote

Spos Remote now correctly processes the sent but not confirmed list!