Torsion Spring DLL

Sarotech has developed a Torsion Spring Calculator Dynamic Link Library (DLL) for developers to include torsion spring calculations in their applications and programs. If you would like to include overhead and rolling door calculations in your software immediately, a Dynamic Link Library can save you valuable development time.

A striking feature this DLL comes packed with is the automatic selection of a proper drum if none is selected. Of course, you may substitute your own drum and drum sizes instead of the DLL’s automatic selection.


This DLL file can be used in virtually any Windows-based programming language, such as C++, Delphi and Visual Basic. It has been fully tested to work in Delphi 7.


This DLL cannot be resold or included in commercial applications; it is mainly for in-house developers, such as garage door manufacturers, to include torsion spring calculations in their applications. For more information, please contact us.