Here’s a short overview of features presently found in Sarotech’s Business Systems application (SBS).

General Features

  • Complete Accounting solution in one application
  • Fully bilingual: English and French language support at the click of a button.
  • Handles all your accounting needs, & label printing all in one program
  • Tons of reports that are completely customizable to your liking
  • Customizable accounts setup.
  • Physical inventory counting, either manually by hand, by barcode scanner or by a portable data collection terminal for complete automation
  • User profiles and authentication support: control what your salespeople can do or see in SBS
  • Extremely easy-to-use sales / Order creation screen for worry-free operation
  • Multiple users in a single office are supported via network (Multi-user edition of SBS)
  • Remote access support for remote sales people so they can Make orders from home or anywhere else
  • Simple user interface. SBS is easy to use!

Client and Supplier File

  • Full addresses support, including multiple addresses per client/Supplier
  • Multiple Shipping addresses per client
  • Multiple telephone fields with extensions and country/dial codes support
  • Multiple contacts support
  • Taxation system per client/supplier
  • Custom Financial Terms per client/supplier
  • Custom Price Lists per client/supplier
  • Points System for customer loyalty program
  • Specify Credit Limits per client/supplier
  • Choose a specific Accounts Receivable (AR) account per client/supplier
  • Custom Discount per client/supplier
  • Appoint a specific Salesperson per client/supplier
  • Feature-loaded statistics screen, see your clients/suppliers totals and balances, past and present

Purchase Orders

  • Full Purchase Order (PO) system
  • Multiple addresses support (bill to/ship to)
  • Additional charges and taxes support
  • Multiple currencies supported
  • Variable Payment Terms

General Ledger

  • Batch entry system
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Multiple G/L accounts
  • Supports up to five (5) different bank accounts and up to three (3) currency related accounts

Accounts File

  • Periodic Totals
  • View Current Year Transactions
  • View Transactions from past two years
  • View Unposted Entries and Budget Totals per month

Transactions System

  • Sales Order processing
  • Purchase Orders processing
  • Receivable Transactions (Invoices, Payments and Finance Chargers)
  • Payable Transactions (Invoices and Payments)
  • Inventory Transactions (Item Receipts & Shipments, Physical Inventory)
  • General Journal Entries
  • Receivable/Payable Payments
  • Bank transfer

Inventory Control (Item File)

  • Alphanumeric item code support (maximum 15)
  • Full barcode system support
  • Product and service types
  • More than seven (7) different pricing classifications, alongside retail price
  • Warehouse shelf management system, location and organization
  • Supported data fields: item & case weight, minimum & maximum discounts, minimum & maximum levels, minimum quantity, oversell, tax and commission control, custom notes, remarks for items and more
  • Multiple (12) description support for additional item information
  • Full statistics support; recent purchases and sales, sales by month and quantity graphs
  • Product picture file support
  • Physical item count support via a handheld unit

Remote Access & Connectivity

  • SBS is accessible remotely for sales reps, or employees who work from home
  • Complete access to SBS, as if you’re working from the office!
  • Have sales reps entering there own orders on the road with the use of are SBS Road, Addon!