SPOS Features

Here’s a short overview of features presently found in Sarotech’s Point of Sale application (SPOS).

General Features

  • Complete point of sale solution in one application
  • Fully bilingual: English and French language support at the click of a button.
  • Handles layaways, repairs, purchase orders, & label printing all in one program
  • Tons of reports that are completely customizable to your liking
  • Ability to print condensed reports on a receipt printer
  • Transfer items in and out of your store to other locations seamlessly thru the internet.
  • Physical inventory counting, either manually by hand, by barcode scanner or by a portable data collection terminal for complete automation
  • User profiles and authentication support: control what your salespeople can do or see in SPOS
  • Extremely easy-to-use sales screen for worry-free operation
  • Multiple cash registers in a single store are supported via network (Multi-user edition of SPOS)
  • Remote access support for managers and owners so they can keep track of their store from their home or anywhere else
  • Simple user interface. SPOS is easy to use!

Item File (Inventory)

  • Alphanumeric item code support, up to 15 characters
  • Unlimited items support: have as many or as little items as you want
  • Active / inactive items feature: hide items that you don’t want to see
  • Optional category code integration in item code
  • Multiple price support (up to 3 including regular price, MSRP & Wholesale)
  • Two main item descriptions, 12 additional descriptions, for a total of 14 descriptions per item
  • Category and sub-category support for better sorting
  • Automatic updating of item descriptions to facilitate new item insertion
  • Sale event price and date range support
  • Item discounts, taxes, levels, weight, points and commission support
  • Picture file support, have a Picture of each and every item
  • Fully-featured statistics generation: overview per month of current and past year transactions
  • Shortcuts to various inventory reports
  • Direct access to printing of item labels with a click of a button
  • Remote inventory connectivity so you can verify item availability in your other stores!

Client and Supplier File

  • Full client/supplier details (address, telephones, contacts, spoken language, etc.)
  • Active / inactive clients and suppliers
  • Statistics for every client and suppliers: see current and past transactions on a monthly basis
  • Track Layaways, Repairs, etc.. all from the clients screen

Purchase Orders

  • Keep track of your purchases with ease. SPOS integrates this tedious process inside the program to keep your inventory up to date.
  • Print reports and labels for new items instantly
  • Item backorder support: incomplete purchase orders are handled with ease
  • Enter cost prices right after you post your purchase orders


  • Full item layaway support, supporting all types of payments
  • View past layaway payments for every client and remaining balances
  • Ability to cancel layaways or simply delete them
  • Generate and view outstanding and past layaway reports easily

Credit Notes

  • Easy to use credit note system; new number is issued automatically for every credit note to keep things simple
  • SPOS keeps a detailed history for every credit note transaction and eliminates mistakes
  • See a credit note’s balance easily by SPOS’ built-in reporting system


  • Handle client repairs from drop off to pickup with SPOS’s simple system
  • View, Manage & process outstanding repairs
  • Keep pictures of items from drop off to pickup to insure quality service.

Remote Access & Connectivity

  • SPOS is accessible remotely for store managers who like to work from home or mobile sales people (Kiosks etc..)
  • Complete access to SPOS, as if you’re working locally!
  • Manage multiple stores using SPOS Manager (Enterprise edition)