Jewellery Point of Sale System

Finally, a deluxe point of sale system for jewellers! Sarotech has developed an extensive line of utilities and applications targetted mainly for jewellers managing stores and head offices. After working closely with jewellery store owners for over two decades, we believe that we have created the most advanced line of programs based on their needs.

From inventory management to printing labels, our flagship product SPOS can do just about everything for your jewellery store. Features such as remote access to your store, reporting and support for a multitude of point of sale devices make it a great choice for store owners everywhere. If you have a multitude of stores, we have a handy system called SPOS Manager that helps you control multiple locations from the comfort of your head office or home.

If you simply need to print labels for your existing inventory, take a look at Fast Label and Inventory Labels.

We have clients all over Montreal and Quebec that utilize our applications everyday. For a list of clients that use our software exclusively, please take a look at our Clients page.

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