Sarotech Point of Sale v5 Screenshots

Sarotech Point of Sale v5 (or SPOS5) is a fully-featured point of sale application for retailers and jewellers. Please take a look at our information page for more details. Below are a few screenshots of the program. Clicking on a thumbnail will give you a larger view of the image.

Opening Screen SPOSv5

Welcome Screen SPOS v5
Welcome Screen SPOS v5

Main Window

The first screen that greets you when running SPOS5 Deluxe.

Main Screen SPOS v5
Main Screen SPOS v5

Item File (Inventory)

This is the backbone of your entire store’s inventory. As you can see, any item or service can be modified to your liking.


View or Edit your Inventory From Here
View or Edit your Inventory From Here

Sales Program

The SPOS Sale program is an entirely different application focusing on making nothing but sales. This results in your salespeople only learning one single application with a limited set of restrictions in place. All they can do in this program is make a sale and nothing more.

Spos Sales Main

Client File

Managing your clients has never been simpler. Create a mailing list!

Client file Main

Supplier File

This is the screen where you manage your suppliers list.

supplier main

Category File

This is where you can manage your item’s categories. It is totally optional.

Catagory file
Catagory file

Description File

Adding, deleting and modifying descriptions has never been easier. You can set up to 12 different types of descriptions per category to facilitate addition of new items. That means less typing for you when you enter your items in inventory for the first time, as these descriptions will automatically fill-in when selecting a category.


Daily Sale File and Totals

You can view your daily sales through this intuitive screen. You can also print your daily sale totals to your receipt printer with ease.

Daily totals Daily Sales screen

Repair File

See what needs to be repaired.

Repair file

Physical Inventory

If you do physical inventory checks often, this screen will aid you tremendously especially if you use a Portable Data Terminal to scan your items into the device’s memory. You can dump the collected data into SPOS and let the program let you know what’s missing in your inventory.

Phy Inv Screen

Purchase Orders

Simple screen to make large inventory item purchases. Features a Quick Item Addition screen to add last-minute items which are not in inventory.

Puchase Order Main

Item Label Formats

Designing and printing your labels are easy thanks to SPOS’ label designing system.

Label Design Main Label Design 3 Label Design 2


Company Profile and Store Locations

This is where you set your store’s information and location details. If you have multiple stores, you can let SPOS know about them through this screen.

Company Pro 2 Company Pro 1 store Location

System Settings

Configure SPOS’ main settings through here, such as item and category code lengths, item/supplier/client defaults, receipt messages and other various options.

System Settings

User Profiles

You can add, delete and modify users through this screen. Also, you can restrict what users can and cannot do.

User Profile