Buying Process for SPOS

Sarotech Point of Sale is directly available from Sarotech as of this moment. By working with us directly, we will be able to assess your needs and implement your solution by being efficient, cost-effective and offer long-term support and updates as necessary.


An analysis of your current needs for a point of sale solution will help us determine if SPOS is for you. Sarotech can:

  • Determine how to configure the system to help automate your business
  • Find out what kind of hardware you will need to run SPOS and if upgrades are necessary for current computers and peripherals
  • Find out if any additional programs and modules are needed for your business
  • Answer any questions you may have concerning the implementation, support and usage of our program and appropriate hardwares


Once Sarotech has determined that SPOS is right for you, we will begin the installation of our program on a store-by-store basis to make sure you are comfortable using our system before we roll it onto other stores. Upon every install of SPOS, Sarotech will:

  • Offer six hours of on-site training (first store installation only, split between 2-3 visits)
  • Make the necessary adjustments to SPOS for your business needs
  • Setup the required hardware to work with SPOS (barcode scanners, receipt printers, label printers, portable data terminals, pole displays, etc).
  • Network SPOS among computers (client + server installation)
  • Setup remote access and configure router if necessary
  • Offer 1 year technical support over the phone for the specific store
  • Offer 1 year of software updates (minor version updates only, e.g. 4.12 to 4.40)


After the implementation process, Sarotech can:

  • Offer a comprehensive support plan to keep your business up and running without future problems
  • Offer updates and phone support with a service contract after 1 year of usage

Please contact Sarotech to start using SPOS now.