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Label Printing Software

Sarotech has developed several professional label printing software and utilities to make high quality custom labels. If you need to print barcodes and inventory item codes onto labels to mark your store, take a look at some of our applications that will aid you in this task.

Fast Label: Designed with one sole purpose in mind, Fast Label allows you to create your own unique labels for your inventory items and manage them with an easy-to-use interface. The possibilities of customizing your labels with this program are endless. A must-have utility for retailers and jewelers.

Inventory Labels: Just like Fast Label, Inventory Labels gives you the opportunity to simply manage your inventory and print labels for your store. It includes more advanced features than Fast Label, such as a more detailed inventory manager (categories and descriptions) and picture/image support, not to mention a full-blown reporting system.

Sarotech Point of Sale: A point of sale application should contain a powerful label printing solution for your store, so why settle for less? Sarotech’s point of sale (SPOS) system includes a highly customizable label making interface to print your inventory item codes onto labels with ease.