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Inventory Labels

Inventory Labels

A dream come true to any jewellery store operator with a large inventory and not enough time to keep track of it all. With Inventory labels, you can not only keep track of all the sales, purchases and transfers of the many different items that you have, but also all the clients and suppliers you are dealing with. With quick and efficient features, you can easily register all the different products you may have and the transactions that go along with it.



This is a general Overview of Sarotech Inventory Label

Setting many different details of a style, such as diamond, karat weight, color, cost, and even a picture of the product within the program itself, the program can easily have thorough descriptions of the product with the help of the simple interface done in mind for the consumer, without all the headaches of dealing your way through complicated options.

The program also helps you list the purchases, sales and transfers of a style, along with the lists of your clients, suppliers and locations you have dealt with. With all of these options, you can go into more depth by adding your own details for a client or transfer for future reference.

One of the key features available to this program is that it allows the creation of labels with the information of the style that was inserted into the database. Through the details given of a style, you can set up a label from a preset list or make your own custom labels. Before even printing a label, you get a preview of how it looks and can do changes within the program till you are happy with the way the labels look.

Lastly, the program allows you to create printable lists of certain aspects of your business. Printing your list of clients or specific items along with other information (such as the price, quantities or in the case of a client, their telephone number) is readily available in Inventory Labels.


These are various Screenshots of Sarotech Police Report

Main Screen

Supplier / Client Screen

Welcome Screen


  • Simple Interface
  • Detail lists of clients, suppliers, locations and transactions.
  • Easy creation of labels, with customizable template system
  • Customizable interface of the program
  • Detailed information on a product
  • Full barcode printing support along with checksum calculation
  • Supports any label printer
  • Allows quick and efficient insertions of purchases, sales and transfers

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