Sarotech Business Systems V3

SBS version 3 is the predecessor to SBS v4 & v5 and must be run on older machines as low as 486’s. If you need quick inventory management, accounting and a client database, this program is designed to be reliable and easy to use. It is also available with the point of sale module add-on that will transform any computer into a cash register, using your existing inventory.

This is Sarotech’s most popular program to date and is still widely used widely across Montreal, not to mention overseas countries such as the Carribean islands and some parts in Europe.
While SBS3 is a DOS-based application, and as such can only be used on much older 32bit computers it has been modified to work on Microsoft Windows XP machines with minor headaches. It can be made to run on a network with a dozen computers (all sharing the same data files) but Sarotech Strongly does not recommend this type of usage. For a true client/server application, SBS4 & SBS5 comes packed with a multitude of new features.

Main features

Bilingual; English and French language support
Point of sale support (available with a module)
Client and supplier file management

General Ledger

* Batch entry system
* Bank reconciliation
* Multiple G/L accounts


* Bilingual messages support

Accounts Receivable

* Invoice and payments support

Transactions System

* Bank transfer

Inventory Control (Item File)

* Alphanumeric item code support (maximum xx)

Purchase Orders

Sales Orders

Client and Vendor Files



For Pricing information please contact Sarotech either by Email or by

Phone (450)688-5540