New Jewellery Tail Labels Released

Sarotech has finally released its new jewellery labels to the general public, presently available to order over the web on For those who have not heard, these tail labels come with some very unique properties, suitable for the jewellery industry. First, they are heat resistive, so they can outlast the harsh lamps in displays. Second, with the proper printer ribbons, the ultrasonic washer will not be a concern. Third, they are very flexible and easy to work with, and they are very strong and durable at the same time thanks to a unique material. Finally, the tail part itself is thin and strong, so jewellers can actually slip the fine tail in pendants and other jewellery with smaller loops or holes. Colours available presently are white and gold. We are very excited to distribute these new labels, and we’re very sure you will be pleased with its quality and attractive price range. Order your batch today!