Change Log 5.15.18

Released 06-04-2018

Changelog 5.10.01

Released 06-03-2017


  1. To make Remote backups quicker we have Split the “SposTim (Employee Time File)”

    into 2 separate files. One for data & one for Pictures


Change Log 5.00.01

Released 15-02-2017
  1. New, “Client Yearly Volume Discount” procedure has been Added, 
  2. To setup the Yearly Sales Credit you have to goto the Client file, Select a client, goto the Financial Terms tab, you will see a new Yearly Sales Target section were you can assign a Target amount that the client has to purchase for, & the Credit Rate that will be applied to any amounts above the Target set.Once you process the Yearly Sales Credit procedure any client that that has a balance Over there Target it will appear on the list generated once posted there will be a PAID label on the client screen until the next Year end procedure is done!
  3. There have been many Minor bugs corrected

    as well.!

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Change Log 5.08.04 & 5.08.05

Released 07-06-2016
  1. On the employee hours entry screen, when you were capturing  the picture then clinking on the OK button it was giving error. This has been Corrected
  2. On Both the Item & Item transaction reports, you now have the option of selecting Category 2 without selection category 1
Released 08-06-2016
  1. On computers the are using High DPI settings (125% or Higher) the sales screen was losing some of its fields. This has been Corrected.!
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Change Log 5.07

Released 29-12-2015
  1. If the proper Barcode scanner driver was not selected, The program (Spos) would freeze. This has been Corrected.
  2.  We have added a new Spell checking Feature, You must Activate the feature on the “User Preferences” tab. You have the choice of english or french or both, while typing if there is a mistake you will get a red line under the mistyped word. simply right click on the work and select the corrected spelling provided in the drop down menu.
  3. Different ribbon styles are now available on the “User Preferences” Tab. Try them out to see the difference in each.
  4. Three columns are added to “Employee Performance Report”.
    Quantity, Transactions and Quantity per transactions.
  5. Two columns are added to “Employee Sales Analysis Report”.
    Transactions and Quantity per transactions.
  6. Item details are added to “Item list – Non-active” Report.
  7. Inventory evaluation reports includes end date in the heading.
  8. The New sale screen was not properly saving its columns when modified. This has been Corrected.
  9. Spos Manager: Was displaying the wrong barcode on “Item shipments”. This has been Corrected.
  10. We have done a Complete overhaul on the internal coding to make Spos more sleek & responsive as we move forward to new frontiers.