Point of Sale Software SPOS

Sarotech Point of Sale 5 Released

After much development and testing, we are pleased to announce that SPOS 5 is now available for purchase. Users currently on SPOS 4 will be pleased to hear the latest additions to our software. Some of the new features in our system are:

  • Improved user interface and menu navigation
  • Jewellery certificate and appraisals printing
  • Faster remote connectivity between stores
  • Better barcode scanner support during a sale
  • Additional fields such as prices, descriptions and more
  • SKU item support, for advanced item tracking and reporting
  • Printing of barcodes on receipts, layaways and repairs for quick lookups
  • Customizable reports, where the user can easily create their own reports (choose your own columns and apply your own filters)
  • Hundreds of performance improvements
  • Additional management features in SPOS Manager

We’ll be releasing more information on our software and its features very shortly, so stay tuned!


Sarotech Releases Payroll Deductions 2011

The new version of our popular Payroll Deductions program has been released, for the year 2011 (January). Customers who have purchased the 2010 version are eligible for an upgrade discount. As always, the full version and upgrade can be purchased through our web store, where we accept VISA and Mastercard payments.


Sarotech has moved to a new address

We have recently moved our offices to a new location. As of November 1st, 2010, the address of Sarotech is:

3860 boul. Notre-Dame, Suite 305
Laval, Quebec H7V 1S1

As always, our phone numbers remain the same:

Telephone: (450) 688-5540
Fax: (450) 688-2369

Software SPOS

SPOS 2009 (5.0) Coming Along Nicely At Full Speed

Since last month, we have been working on the next version of SPOS at full speed. At the beginning of this year, we were hoping to release it around this time, but due to other projects we had to set SPOS 5 aside. In any case, we have been programming line after line to bring the next best point of sale application to be released by us. A lot of features are to be included, and not to mention a lot of performance improvements in terms of remote connectivity. Also, some cool new tech will also be available for large multi-chain store operators to make their lives easier.

There will be more news to follow in the coming weeks!


New Jewellery Tail Labels Released

Sarotech has finally released its new jewellery labels to the general public, presently available to order over the web on For those who have not heard, these tail labels come with some very unique properties, suitable for the jewellery industry. First, they are heat resistive, so they can outlast the harsh lamps in displays. Second, with the proper printer ribbons, the ultrasonic washer will not be a concern. Third, they are very flexible and easy to work with, and they are very strong and durable at the same time thanks to a unique material. Finally, the tail part itself is thin and strong, so jewellers can actually slip the fine tail in pendants and other jewellery with smaller loops or holes. Colours available presently are white and gold. We are very excited to distribute these new labels, and we’re very sure you will be pleased with its quality and attractive price range. Order your batch today!