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Changelog 5.18

Posted: August 20, 2019 | By: | In: SPOS 5 Changelogs, Uncategorized

We have added a ton of new features and upgrades / Updates to SPOS since 5.15 In this Log we will explain the most important of the changes

Spos5 Store level:

System Settings Menu
  • Item Defaults tab –  A checkbox option for “do not display purchase screen after adding a new Item” added
    • This option if enabled will streamline the adding items process but you will have to do an item purchase after creating all your items!
  • Miscellaneous tab – Hide following section checkboxes for Employee Targets & VIP card sales added
    • These two new boxes refer to new features that have recently been added. it gives the abilities to have them hidden or visible.
  •   Miscellaneous tab  – A checkbox for Delete Employee Pictures after X days added
    • If you use the “Employee Hours” feature with Employee pictures activated, then this feature is directed to you! as you know the pictures can build-up over time, taking up space etc.. With this feature you can specify a length of time in day to keep the Pictures and after that they get deleted to make room for new ones. Ie. Delete Employee Pictures after 14 days.
  • Miscellaneous tab – Checkbox for Transfer updates item details Added
    • If you enable this check box then imports will Update the details of the item being imported such as Price, Description Etc..
  • Client / Supplier Tab – Checkbox for VIP extra discount increases Maximum discount of item added.
    • If you have a Max discount set in the item file, this checkbox increases the discount with the amount of VIP extra discount.
  • Client / Supplier Tab – Checkbox for VIP extra discount applies on top of user entered discount added
    • If this Checkbox is selected then any VIP extra discounts that the client is entitled to will be added on top of any discounts that the sales person has already given on the sale!
Supplier File:
  • Supplier Types Added
    • We started with Item Types that gave the option of Inventory counted or not, then we added Client types as the next logical advancement in CMS management, Now we have added Supplier types to help managed as well
New Sale Screen:
  • Client details Ie. client type, discounts etc.. Info displayed.
    • When entering the client information on a new sale it will display the Client type, VIP level, etc..
Display Preferences:
  • Show printer list before printing Receipts Checkbox
    • If this is selected before printing receipts you will get the window that allows you to select the correct receipt printer.
  • Show printer list before printing the day end report.
    • If this is selected before printing receipts you will get the window that allows you to select the correct printer for printing the day end report.
Rebuild Data Files:
  • Correction tab has been added
    • The correction tab is home to needed repair and rebuilding options for routine problem repairs on larger database scales
  • Correction tab  – Added important Re-numbering routines
    • Renumbering routines for Item file, etc..
Daily Totals Screen:
  • Day Details Tab added
    • Day details has expanded information of the daily transactions information ( you need to see it to believe it!)
  • Sales by Sales Person tab added
    • This new tab shows all the sales from each individual Sales person at a quick glance!
  • Total credit card is added on daily totals printout
    • We added the Total credit card transactions on the Daily totals printout! for your ease of viewing!
Main Menu Modules added:
VIP Card sale
  • VIP Card sale is added.
    • A dedicated sales screen for the new VIP Card module added
  • Client VIP discounts has date limits
    • Now you can assign a date limite to VIP cards so you can have promotions for example of 1 Year discounts etc..  The limit is your imagination and marketing team!
  • Client VIP discount can only be changed by a user who is permitted
    • Inline with our User Profile security setup the administrator has to allow the access to VIP discount setup / Modifications
Item Returns
  • Item Returns section added
    • There is now a dedicated Items return section set up. Returns for items you purchased and returning to suppliers. NOT FOR CLIENT RETURNS!!
  • Company calendar added
    • There has been a calendar feature added to the main menu, Its a Universal Calendar shared by all uses. So anything one use saves to the calendar all other users see..!

SPOS Manager:LO

  • Store group number is introduced
    • If your empire has different Sub-divisions we have now added Store Groups & Numbering
    • Each Store will now have to belong to a Group number.
    • When generating reports you can now Use Group numbers as a limit!
General Fixes etc..
  • Eliminate client, supplier and item locking
    • Most locking issues are due to other people using the same data as you, our master programmer has eliminated most possibilities of this type of error happening again!
  • Increased performance and minor corrections
    • The Program has gone thru a major optimization effort and is now faster loading and many times more efficient so enjoy the new found speed!
  •  Company Profile and Communication setup can only accessed by Administrator
    • It has now been set that only the Administrator account can Modify certain aspects of the program as normal users have no use viewing or modifying there areas.
  • Correct silent import bugs
    • There were some issues found & reported were the silent imports options would fail, the complete silent import system has been revamped and rebuilt from the ground up to correct and eliminate these issues.!
  • Correct bugs Excel & Text file import procedures
    • For advanced users we have Excel and Text file imports for Mass importation of data. However there were some glitches that have now been corrected !
  • Reports Generation performance Increases
    • Many of the reports have had performance reviews and have been streamlined for faster generation.


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