SPOS 5 Changelogs

Change Log 5.06

Released 10-09-2015
  1. We have added 2 additional fields to the client screen. Their title can be customized in the system setup. Client reports can be filtered by these fields.
  2. 2 additional discount fields (VIP Discount) are added to the client screen. (Fixed and extra),You can set defaults in the System setup.
  3. We have added a global discount field option in the system setup which when set would affect all item sales.
  4. Sales discount is now decided from the Highest discount of the following 3 situations
          1) Item discount + VIP extra discount.
         2) VIP fixed discount + VIP extra discount.
         3) Global discount + VIP extra discount.
  5. A tools menu button has been added to the new sales screen, from where you can import / export the current sale to a  CSV or XLS file.
  6. We have added a complimentary items and quantities section for each item. These items can be manually added and distributed during a sale. By selecting from the tools menu on the new sales screen.
  7. You can now add layaway and credit note messages on invoices they can be multi line and unlimited characters. Done thru the System Setup.
  8. The employee time clock entry screen has been updated to include a photo and comment field. Activation in the system setup is required.
  9. There is now an employee time clock entry list screen that has been added on the File tab called “Employee Hours File”
  10. SPIFF commission is introduced. SPIFF stands for (Sales Promotion Incentive Fund) the amounts can be entered or edited in the  “System Setup” screen.Multiple levels of SPIFF commission can be paid.  Each item now has a SPIF commission field. Default value can be set at “System Setup” screen.
  11. A new sales commission report has been added.
  12. The daily totals can now be emailed after every print or on demand to the manager. Activation in the system setup is required.
  13. Each sale made can now be emailed to client and/or manager. Activation in the system setup is required.
  14. We have introduced a new receipt printout for thermal printers. With much clearer crisper printing and supports printing company logo if setup in the company profile, and is highly recommended for all clients with thermal printers. 
  15. A new day end printout is introduced for thermal printers. and is highly recommended for all clients supports printing company logo as well if setup in the company profile.
  16. A new Color / Size grid system has be added Activation in the system setup is required.
  17. Color and Size description databases & report features are now added. Activation in the system setup is required.
  18. Multiple items can be created at once thru the size/color grid section in the transaction tab << Item Purchase (By Size/Color) >> button  for Purchasing.
  19. Multiple items can be created without any one had inventory thru the Tools menu button in the Item the use of the size/color grid.
  20. We have now added support for Multiple cameras. 
  21. Auto packing in now done to avoid NLS errors 
  22. Daily details section on the Daily totals screen is added, this is were notes of the day and cash count details will be entered.

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