SPOS 5 Changelogs

Changelog 5.03.07


Spos & Manager

A new autofill feature has been added for certain fields such as “City, Item Description 1 thru 12, Item Description, & Title” which are all customizable from the new Autofill Setup screen on the Setup Menu.

Spos Manager

When generating the Profit Analysis report by store it was not showing the “additional discounts.” field. This has been Corrected.
When Generating the “Employee Sales Analysis Report” and a salesperson was selected the report was failing. This has been Corrected.
When Importing to the “Shipment to Stores” & Purchase and Shipment to stores” sections, the price and description fields were not being properly displayed  This has been Corrected.
 When Using the Import feature in the “Shipment to stores” & “Purchase and Shipment to Stores” screens it was not correctly displaying the price and description information.     This has been Corrected


 In the Items file section if you did a deletion of item transactions it was leaving Quantity information behind and causing problems. This has Been Corrected
When you used the Modify payment type feature it was failing to revise the change amount type. This Has been Corrected. 

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