SPOS 5 Changelogs

Changelog 5.03.06



SposUtils.dll & borlindmm.dll have been deprecated
 If a user has the right to view Daily Sale Transactions of Today only, it was seen that by changing the computers date they could see information from the adjusted date. Now if the computer date is before the last sales date, ONLY transactions of the last sales date is displayed
When updating SPOS5 if any SPOS related Program is running it will now be closed automatically to insure a proper update is preformed.
 On the user preferences tab useing custom color choices were causing Access Violation errors. This has been Corrected.
 Under certain conditions credit notes were not printing properly, This has been Corrected

Spos Manager

When importing store data failed the “Last updated date” was still being modified. This has been Corrected.

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