SPOS 5 Changelogs

Changelog 5.03.3

The Tax rates printed on the bill was printing as 2 decimal points so for GST was only showing 9.97%This has Been Corrected

Now it will show as 9.9750%

When you have the system set to DOCK mode the search shortcut (ctrl+F) was not workingThis has Been Corrected
When you would do a transfer from one store to another that had different Regional setting Ex: one store setup as English canada that uses periods etc. & one that is setup as French Canada that uses comma instead of Period. The cost of the items being transferred was defaulting to ZeroThis has Been Corrected
If you were preparing a  Purchase Order for the item reorder screen it could not be emailedThis has Been Corrected
 We have added Extra verifications for imports from excel or text file Re.: Purchase Order, Item Purchases & Item transfer out Etc…

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