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Changelog 5.03

The following reports were omitting additional discounts from sales totals, as well sale and item transaction data structures have been modified in order to harmonize all these reports.

  • Employee performance
  • Employee sales analysis
  • Item Transaction Report
  • Item Sales and Profit Analysis

This has Been Corrected

 When the Sales by date report was generated with the salesperson filter it would failThis has Been Corrected
When the Employee sales analysis report was generated with categories #1 or #2 selected it was giving an error This has Been Corrected
Other Issues & Improvments 
When Collecting the finial payment  on a layaway we have added a Final Pay Button. When clicked it will automatically create a deposit the remaining full balance all you have to do is post it!
 On the Sales screen when you had 2 items or more and you went to change the quantity of an item it would change the amount to the the last item. This has Been Corrected
On the Repairs print outs the three descriptions are now added

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