SPOS 5 Changelogs

Changelog 5.02.3

In the Purchase orders section we have added a post & ship option
In the Items file reports section the Appraisal Certificate now includes an item picture if one exists.
When you access a remote Spos database the timeout timer has been raised from 40seconds to a full 60 seconds
when printing a receipt from the special orders screen and no item code is selected it was printing the additional descriptions from the first item in your items list.This has been Corrected
Out dated Repair transfers logic has been removed to keep upto date with technology
 You could print out a receipt for Purchase, Transfers Repairs before or without posting
This has been Corrected .
The Logic behind Layaway activity dates was not updating properly
This has been Corrected
In the Purchase Order Section a Post & Ship button has been added
When doing a Full Import of store data the system would some times hang on deleting the old data, or importing if it did not complete within a certain amount of time the Logic has been added to be able to Remove these Limits. This has been Corrected

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