SPOS 5 Changelogs

Changelog 5.02

This will be where you will find the updates, changelog & bug fix reports for Version 5.02

Bugs Fixed
 On the Client, Supplier, Item, Category,Description & Repair description screen. When you would click on the add new record button while the information pane was closed you would get the following error message..        “Dataset is not in edit mode”
New Features
  You can now print messages ONLY on the 3″ Receipt Printer
You can now reply to messages sent thru the system
There are two import options that can be set as silent, one for client, supplier, Item file & one for transfers
The Special orders screen now has a quantity field
You can now print out Special Orders  in a different Language then you are using SPOS in ie: your screen is in French you can print your Special Order in English
 If you Generate a Purchase order from the special order screen it will now display the special order number
You can now check other stores for credit notes, On the Remote access button it now gives two choices,   Item Lookup & Credit note lookup
SPOS now keeps track of Who the first person was that entered information in the Client, Supplier, Item file & Purchase orders
 Modified or Corrected Features
The end limit of the repair list report was not big enough. This has been Corrected
The Condensed repair list was only showing the Other charges & Not Total Price.  This has been Corrected
 The heading in the Layaway Analysis report was wrong. This has been Corrected
 When a message was received and read it was not being properly confirmed.  This has been Corrected
SPOS Manager New Features
There has been a date last imported field added for each store
 Now when you do an import only records that are modified on or after the date last imported will be imported, However you always have the option of importing ALL records if you wish

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