Sarotech Announces Inventory Labels 2

Sarotech is pleased to announce the latest version of Inventory Labels. After listening to customer feedback, we have developed the latest in inventory management for jewellers and small business retailers. Inventory Labels (IL) is an application that allows you to control your inventory, track transactions (purchases & sales), perform physical inventory, manage your clients and vendors (CRM/VRM), print labels & tags, create a picture catalog and generate various reports to run your business more efficiently and effectively. IL2 is also a great application to manage items in various locations (your stores, for example) or track what kind of items your salespeople are carrying with them. Jewellery stores, distributors and wholesalers will benefit from this system immensely; tracking inventory is no longer a time-burden tas. With Inventory Labels, it will be a very pleasant experience.

The latest and newest additions to Inventory Labels 2 are the following features:

  • Purchase Order system
  • Physical Inventory system
  • Portable Data Terminal support
  • New User Interface (Ribbons ala Office 2007)
  • Powerful filtering support for searching specific items
  • Customizable reports based on your filtering criteria
  • Built-in capture image support
  • Item quantities discrepancies correction utility
  • Bilingual (English & French) support
  • Live backup system for quick data safeguards
  • Rewritten and optimized; faster than the previous version

For more information on IL2, please contact Sarotech today for a free demo. Existing Inventory Labels users are eligible for discount pricing.