A dream come true for any jewelry manufacturing operator who wants to analyze the costs involved when creating precious works.

With Jewel, you can not only keep track of all costings, you will be able to keep track of the many different stones, & mountings etc.. that you have, you can keep track of all your pricing. and print out your custom labels.

With quick and efficient features, you can easily register all the different products you may have.


Label Templates:

Jewel includes a comprehensive label templating system, dubbed “Label Formats” to allow you to set your own unique style whenever a label is printed or to define a layout style for every type of item in your inventory. With a templating system, you can change the way a label is printed out without having to to manually redo all your labels, since the changes will automatically propagate across your label inventory. The system relies on you to position each field (including the barcode and image) accurately onto a label template from the Label formats screen using measurements in millimeters. The label roll size can also be adjusted by modifying the margins, layouts and pitch.

Automation :

Automation is an important aspect of Jewel, since retyping can be frustrating! That is why several unique features are included in this program, such as support for calculation by weight.

Would you also like to also have the price automatically calculated and inserted for you on the label? Not a problem, since a cost per gram multiplier ratio value can be configured to calculate the price of the item spontaneously for Gold, Silver, Rhodium Etc..!

Reporting system:

Finally, a reporting system is included which gives you the opportunity to print out Item, quotation manufacturing details. To help asses and guide you to a more successful & profitable future.

User Friendly:

Instead of spending countless hours teaching various keystrokes and what various terms mean to your employees, they (and certainly you) will be glad to know that entering items & detailed information is simple & straight forward.

Featuring a clean cut design and an effective, highly efficient user interface, there’s no need to have a manual nearby to use the software. Just point and click and you’ve got yourself a success.


Instead of drowning in paperwork Jewel has a full featured Order system that can keep all your information for you, handy and efficient. As well as a full featured client database so you can store all there information and be able to pull it up at a moments notice.!