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Targeted mainly for jewelers who wish to organize and label their inventory, Fast Label was created with one goal in mind: deliver a perfectly printed label each and every time.

Creating and printing custom labels shouldn’t be rocket science, and that is why Sarotech has developed Fast Label to cater to business’ demands for making quality labels quickly and efficiently.


If your inventory consists of unique alphanumeric item codes, then Fast Label is for you. Are newly updated program now allows you to enter up to 15 unique different fields onto a label, along with a barcode type and an image (logo) of your choice. You can enter as much or as little information you want onto a label.

Label Templates:

Fast Label includes a comprehensive label templating system, dubbed “Label Formats” to allow you to set your own unique style whenever a label is printed or to define a layout style for every type of item in your inventory. With a templating system, you can change the way a label is printed out without having to to manually redo all your labels, since the changes will automatically propagate across your label inventory. The system relies on you to position each field (including the barcode and image) accurately onto a label template from the Label formats screen using measurements in millimeters. The label roll size can also be adjusted by modifying the margins, layouts and pitch.

Automation :

Automation is an important aspect of Fast Label, since retyping can be frustrating! That is why several unique features are included in this program, such as support for an electronic scale (balance) system to weigh jewelry and automatically insert them into a desired field. Would you also like to also have the price automatically calculated and inserted for you on the label? Not a problem, since a weight/cost multiplier ratio value can be configured to calculate the price of the item spontaneously.

Reporting system:

Finally, a reporting system is included which gives you the opportunity to print out the number of label templates &/or label lists you have in your database, allowing you to do a small inventory check based on the labels you have created.

User Friendly:

Instead of spending countless hours teaching various keystrokes and what various terms mean to your employees, they (and certainly you) will be glad to know that finishing off a label is the simple & straight forward.

Featuring a clean cut design and an effective, highly efficient user interface, there’s no need to have a manual nearby to use the software. Just point and click and you’ve got yourself a success.