Here’s a short overview of features presently found in Sarotech’s Fast Label V3 application.

  • Alphanumeric item code support
  • Up to 15 unique field details may be entered onto your labels
  • Full barcode printing support (see below) along with checksum calculation
  • Image or logo printing support on labels
  • Extensive template system (“label formats”); accurate positioning (in millimeters) of fields to ensure precision printing
  • Custom label dimensions support; allowing you to print on virtually any label that exists out there by entering your own dimensions
  • Full font style support (bold, italic, underlining) of fields
  • Full custom font support for each field (use your own fonts!)
  • Preview label before printing; see how a label will look like in the preview window
  • Reporting system; print or view your label inventory to keep track of your items
  • Weight and multiplier fields calculation
  • Automated field entry; set the program to substitute a field with an item code, description, or weight (through an electronic balance connected to the computer)
  • Automated weight calculation with an electronic scale
  • Rounding features allows you to set “neat prices” by rounding up the amount to the nearest dollar and subtracting a number of cents
  • Supports any label printer