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SPOS 5 Changelogs

Released 07-11-2016
  1. We have now added the ability to email daily sold items, along with the daily total to the Manager!
Released 19-10-2016
  1. The Custom Item List report was not properly displayed. This has been Corrected
  2. The “Monthly Activity Report” sorting choices  have been Corrected
  3. Transfer in / out columns have been added to the “Monthly Activity Report”
  4. Special orders were always printing on a thermal printer. This has been Corrected.
Released 13-09-2016
  1. We have now enabled Thermal Printing for all printouts.
  2. There was a problem when trying to modify an Item code, it was giving an error message. This has been Corrected
  3. We continue to improve the Skins selection process.
  4. There have been improvements made on the credit note given screen.
Released 01-09-2016
  1. We have now setup the system that Silent transfers can now be per store, So for Example: all transfers from Head office to all stores is silent but from store 2 to store 5 in visable ie. Not Silent!
  2. There was a problem with Transfer in importing giving error messages, this has been Corrected.
Released 01-09-2016
  1. We have added a new feature Skins. To select a suitable skin of your liking please click on the “Appearance” tab then the “Skin” Button most of what you will see on this menu are features that will be introduced at a later date. To select your Theme of choice click on the Drop down menu to the right hand side were it says Skin there are many try out.
  2. You now have the choice to charge SPIFF commission on returned Items.
  3. Now on the “Daily Totals” printout the Username of the person who printed will be printed.!