POS, Torsion Spring and CRM software.


SPOS 5 Changelogs

Released 19-07-2017
  • This update contains Major internal changes that will speed up the programs processes.
  • Look forward to new features and Improvements to come in the following months!
Released 19-05-2017
  1. We have now added the option of doing your physical Inventory by Range of Items.!
  2. Computers running Windows 10 was Displaying distorted screens in High DPI modes. This has been Corrected!
  3. The layaway file can now be sorted by date
  4. We have added detailed messages for when you get file locking issues that will tell you what computer, as well as the Username of the person that is causing the locking issue.!
  5. You can now change or add client information for existing Layaways.
Released 06-04-2017
  • Data Structures Updated to work with Manager Updates,


  1. Multi-Threading for Store Data imports is now Schedulable.
  2. To enable this exciting new feature you have to follow these steps.
    1. Goto the “User Preferences” menu tab and click on the “System Preferences”  button, Put a check mark in “Multi Thread Import” & “Autorun scheduled Import Store Data” procedure.
    2. Click the “Reminders” Button make sure you have the amount of time in seconds that SPOS should check for Imports/Exports any value (number) other then “0” the default value is 600 sec
    3. Then click on the “Schedule” button and set the time and days of the week you want the Imports done, click on the OK button.
    4. You MUST leave Manager open for it to launch.


  1. The “Print Item Catalog” report can now be filtered by size and color.
Released 13-03-2017
  • Custom report & export file names were being translated and causing errors. This has been Corrected.
  • For people that use store performance statistics such as Traffic Counter & Clients served, that is found on the Day details tab of the Daily totals window, the Daily totals print out now includes the store performance report.


  1. Multi-Threading feature for Store Data imports is now properly optimized, this feature will greatly improve the speed of the store Data downloads/imports it can be enabled from the System Preferences screen
Released 06-03-2017


  1. To make Remote backups quicker we have Split the “SposTim (Employee Time File)” into 2 separate files. One for data & one for Pictures