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SBS ChangeLog

Reports Updated

  • We have made some Improvements to the “Aged Accounts Receivable by date” report.

Reports Update

  • We have improved the Aged Accounts Payable by Date report.
  • We have made some minor improvements on the “Receiving Report”.

New Feature

  • Now when saving & posting an Invoice, the profit margins for each item can be verified if you enable the “Warn the user when profit margin is outside the limits.” option is checked Of course you need to have profit margin limits set properly so the system and verify them.!
General Updates & Fixes
  • If there is only the Administrator account setup & there is no password assigned the system will not show the password prompt !
  • When doing a  CSV export it was not including some fields. This has been Corrected.!
Reports New & Updated
  • The Automatic monthly report was displaying some extra card numbers. This has been Corrected.!
  • We have added two new tracker reports, “Deleted invoices” & “Deleted and Missing Invoices”
  • We’ve made some adjustments to both the  “Aged Receivable & Payable reports by date”
  • We’ve made some improvements and corrections to the “Order Analysis Report.”
General Updates
  • Under some special circumstances purchase orders were not updating the GL files.


New Features. Reports & Fixes
  • You can now see when & by who an invoice was created and lest printed by.!
  • A new Client Shipping Address report has been Added
  • On the Company Profile screen we have added a Connection & Read timeout section if you are having a problem sending email directly from SBS increasing these two values MAY help
  • In the Sales Analysis report, if you selected the Location field it was only displaying 3 digits, this has been Increased to 5