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SBS ChangeLog

Released 15-09-2015
  1. We have made minor corrections on the Payable Payments entry screen.
  2. The Invoice date was omitted on the Second column of check details. This has been Corrected
Released 07-08-2015
  1. When running the Commission’s Report it was doubling the amounts. This has been Corrected.
Released 07-08-2015
  • If you have an Item with an Empty barcode field, it will no longer print the Empty field on the label
  • Users with the proper rights will now be able to revise inventory adjustment transactions.
  • You can now filter or group the Commission report by region.
Released 05-29-2015
  • There was a problem with the tax calculations on the additional charges section of Purchase Orders. This has been Corrected.
  • The Order Importing procedures were always looking in the Export directory. ┬áThis has been Corrected.
  • Discounts that were entered on the Payment reconciliation screen were not affecting payment maximum amounts which can be entered.┬áThis has been Corrected
Released 05-18-2015
  • Payable Transaction Report, has been Revised. Totals by currency has now been added.
  • Some Negative Payments were not being reconciled properly. This has been Corrected