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SBS ChangeLog

Released 15-02-2017
  1. New, “Client Yearly Volume Discount” procedure has been Added,¬†
  2. To setup the Yearly Sales Credit you have to goto the Client file, Select a client, goto the Financial Terms tab, you will see a new Yearly Sales Target section were you can assign a Target amount that the client has to purchase for, & the Credit Rate that will be applied to any amounts above the Target set.Once you process the Yearly Sales Credit procedure any client that that has a balance Over there Target it will appear on the list generated once posted there will be a PAID label on the client screen until the next Year end procedure is done!
  3. There have been many Minor bugs corrected as well.!
Released 01-01-2017

Sarotech Business Systems 5.00 is Released

Released 01-11-2015
  1. In the “Print Invoice” module, The client limit was not working, This has been Corrected
  2. When Importing from a CSV there was a problem setting US currency for US clients. This has been Corrected
Released 20-10-2015
  1. The Other assets column on Balance sheet was not calculating properly when the unposted transactions option was checked. This has been Corrected.
Released 15-09-2015
  1. The accounts payable month end was having a problem if a payment from SBS3 was reconciled. This has been Corrected
  2. We have added a ” Receive date ” column to the ” Items on Purchase Orders ” report
  3. The purchase Order list report is now filterable be the new ” Receive date” Column