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Monthly Archives: July 2016

Released 25-07-2016
  1. We made a few minor updates and corrections to the Monthly Activity report.
  2. Spos5 Manager transfer in was giving an error message. This has been Corrected.
  3. We have adjusted the new sales screen so that sale price or quantity pricing will no longer change an Items regular price.Discount rates will be changed to reflect the difference.


Released 20-07-2016
  1. We have added a new Monthly Activity report to help you manage your business better.
Released 20-07-2016
  1. To Give you the most information possible, we have added three buttons to the Item Transaction Tab of the Supplier screen, They are “Item, Detail, & Invoice.” The item button will bring you to the Item screen for the selected Item, The Detail button gives you the Inventory Transaction Details for the selected Item. & the Invoice button will open the sales screen for the selected Item.
Released 20-07-2016
  1. We have Adjusted the Item sales & Profit analysis reports to be filterable by Item now. As well as sortable by positive and negative amounts & description.
Released 19-07-2016
  1. We have adjusted the “Supplier Sales Analysis” report so that it will now omit non active suppliers.
  2. We added a new filed to the “Employee Performance” report. Amount per transaction.
  3. All Item & Item transaction reports can now be filtered by item descriptions.
  4. We added the ability to filter by both negative or positive quantities. the the “Item Transactions”” report.
  5. We have added the ability to list all “Problem” records to the “Employee Time” report. Example: records that employees forgot to log out, as well as discrepancies between computer time and employees time of greater then 15 – 30 – 45 & 60 mins