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Monthly Archives: May 2015

Released 05-26-2015
  1. In certain display modes, there were problems with the way the boxes were displayed. This has been Corrected.
Released 05-25-2015
  1. NEW FEATURE: We have added a Web item check field, In the Item file so you can now do an export of only web items to be exported from the program.
  2. We have added a Discontinued check box In the Item file, to be used when the item in question is not only inactive but discontinued as well.
  3. On the Item Purchases screen, if you click the << Add new item >> and enter an existing Item, it will now be entered on the sales screen
  4. The Supplier Item code field is now added to the “Items to Reorder” report
  5. We have done Revisions on the discont fields, of the “Employee Sales Analysis Report”
Released 05-18-2015
  • Payable Transaction Report, has been Revised. Totals by currency has now been added.
  • Some Negative Payments were not being reconciled properly. This has been Corrected