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Monthly Archives: April 2014


Spos – Fixes

On the Daily Totals printout we have added”Total Repair, Total Expense & Total Gold Purchases” . added
In the Item File screen when you would add or change the Category field, the subcategory field would not change or update. This has been Corrected

Spos Manager – Fixes 

When doing a Purchase & Ship, the cost price was not being saved. This has been Corrected

Spos – Fixes

When doing Remote item lookups the program was failing causing an Error message This has been Corrected




Spos – Fixes

Under some circumstances silent Imports were not importing. This has been Corrected




Spos – Fixes

When Setting up Categories and Sub-categories in the Item file the field was set to 10 characters long, instead of 12 causing reports using these fields as sort parameters to fail, This has been Corrected
 The remote verify confirmation for transfers etc.. was not working. This has been Corrected



Spos – Manager

We have added a new report called “Items to Transfer”, This report will examine your on hand Stock and tell you which store or stores need the Items.
 When Doing a shipment list if you had the detail option checked it would fail and give you and error. This has been Corrected


When doing a Repair transfer in or out it was only showing the field for Other charges. This has been Corrected, 
When doing an Item file Export we have added the option to include the items recent cost and if the item is active or not